Come Together to Advocate for Organics Recycling.

We Are the Official Ohio State Chapter of the US Composting Council.

Organics Recycling Gateways

Do you share our goals?

  • Influence legislation

  • Train and educate industry professionals

  • To increase the amount of organics recycled in Ohio

  • Facilitate dialogue for stakeholders

  • Connect the composting industry in Ohio

Does this sound like you? Here are your options to get involved:


Become a member and participate in advancing organics recycling in Ohio.


Learn about our mission and the type of legislation we are advancing.


Vote with your dollars and provide the financial support our group needs to gain influence.

Mission Statement

The Ohio Organics Council is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of the organics recycling industry in Ohio. The OHOC encourages further study, research, advancement, and development of composting and organic recycling through professionalism, education, training, information exchange and networking within the industry and with regulatory agencies.


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