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We invite you to join the Ohio Organics Council!

As an OHOC member, you will have opportunities to work with others to support and grow composting in Ohio.

We welcome your involvements.

Once you have joined OHOC our membership committee will be in touch to welcome you.

Our member concierges will try to understand your goals to guide and connect you with other members.

Benefits of Membership

We Advocate for Composting and Organics Recycling

We keep a close eye on regulations at the state and national levels. At the state level, we collaborate and provide legislative support to policymakers in state and local governments to advance organic recycling efforts and products use in Ohio.

As a Chapter of USCC, we participate in state-wide and national legislative efforts on issues like persistent herbicides, compost quality, zoning, and alternative technologies for managing organic materials.

As a member, you'll have a voice in shaping policies that affect the organics recycling industry in Ohio and beyond.

We Create a Strong Network

Our community of state, national and international members is collaborative and dedicated to exchanging knowledge, mentoring, and leveraging everyone's success.

Through participation in state and national conferences, committees, online discussion groups and training, and other events, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded industry professionals and experts.

OHOC members are encouraged to contribute their expertise and personal interests by serving on committees of the Board of Directors, including the annual meeting, advocacy, education, membership, and others.

We Help You Grow

Whether you're looking to launch or expand your business, implement institutional or community programs or take your program to the next level, we provide resources to help you flourish and grow your career.

The Ohio State University/OHOC compost operator training course and USCC’s professional certification program and Career Center offer opportunities for professional development and job placement within the industry.

We Market You

Through USCC’s STA Certified Compost and compost marketing programs, we actively work to develop compost markets in Ohio and nationally.

We also promote our members and their products, helping to increase visibility and sales.

We welcome individuals, organizations and businesses.

Get Involved

In addition to becoming a member, there are many ways to get involved with the Ohio Organics Council.

Volunteer for events, join a committee, or share your expertise with the community.

Together, we can make a difference in promoting sustainable organics recycling in Ohio.

Join us today and become part of a community dedicated to promoting sustainable organics recycling in Ohio!

USCC Membership

Have you considered a membership with the US Composting Council, yet?

As a USCC member, you'll have access to national resources, events, and networking opportunities within the broader organics recycling industry.

During your sign-up for USCC, please select "Chapter" and write in "OHOC" or "Ohio Organics Council".


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