STA Certified Compost Program in Ohio

Quality is in the eye of the consumer:

Compost use and selection decisions consider many factors, and therefore one size does not fit all! The Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program helps you make the best decision for what you are doing by providing the 3 C’s:


The STA Program's Compost Technical Data Sheet (CTDS) gives you the information and guidance needed to properly use compost. Just like a nutrition label, it provides test results, ingredient lists, and directions of usage.


The STA Program provides checks and balances within a network of compost producers and labs who test their product, to ensure proficiency and consistency with testing procedures and compliance. This provides apples to apples comparisons of compost properties.


Similar to trusting a vehicle history report when purchasing a vehicle, the STA’s CTDS report provides consumers with confidence and knowledge of what is in the compost and how it was produced.

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